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Chris Clifton

Christopher Clifton

Director of Business Development


Chris joined the MAP staff in March 2021.   Chris earned both a Bachelor of Science and master’s degrees from Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky along with continuing post graduate studies (throughout his career) at University of Georgia (UGA), Georgia Tech (GTI), University of Oklahoma (OU), University of South Fl (USF) and Harvard Business School (HSB). Chris has a passion for Servant Leadership, Organizational Development and Business Finance as evidenced by his accreditation as a Certified Economic Developer & graduate of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Organizational Management (IOM).


Chris has represented trade organization and business development missions to Japan, Korea, Benelux/Europe as part of his participation with the US Department of Commerce, US /Japan, US /Korea Association leadership.


With a desire to build effective teams, Chris has been instrumental in employing strategic planning discipline to volunteer organizations, to effect long term goal achievements. His servant leadership style has equipped long term success for the communities and companies with which he has been engaged.

Contact:   |   O:  (270) 338-4102  |   C:  (270) 608-5770

Karen Robinson - Professional

Karen Robinson

Economic Development Officer


Karen joined Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress staff in May 2017.  She is a graduate of the University of the Cumberlands and the Kentucky Institute for Economic Development.  Karen is co-chair of the Muhlenberg Work Ready Community Committee and the GED Work Group.  She is also a board member of the More Vision, More Muhlenberg Committee, Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, and a 2014 graduate of the Greater Muhlenberg Chamber of Commerce Leadership  program.   Karen is a member of the Kentucky Rural Urban Exchange and serves as host for Muhlenberg County.


Karen’s twenty nine years of work experience includes jobs within banking, education and training, federal government, and economic development.  Her previous work as a business community liaison gives her an advantage of working with public officials, local officials and agencies, corporations, and industries to enhance the economic growth of Muhlenberg County.

Contact:   |   O:  (270) 338-4102  |   C:  (270) 543-7510