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Muhlenberg Industrial Park

In the early 1960’s the Muhlenberg Industrial Park was developed and is a subdivision to the City of Greenville containing 90 acres of  zoned land for the purpose of industrial development.   Within the park resides Plastic Products, Atmos Energy, Pogue Electric and an available spec building that was a former garment manufacturing operation.


The land is flat and all infrastructure is in place for your business.  If you are a small manufacturing operation the Muhlenberg Industrial Park is the ideal location for you!  The Muhlenberg Industrial Park is located in a convenient location to the city of Greenville and  within 2 miles of the Western Kentucky Parkway which has connections to I-64, I-65, I-69, and I-24.


A few key reasons to consider locating to the Muhlenberg Industrial Park:


  • Central Location
  • Favorable tax climate
  • Low operating costs
  • Work Ready Labor Force – designed Kentucky Work Ready Community in Progress providing access to a growing labor market of 236,000 in 12 counties
  • Custom Incentive Package

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Paradise Regional Business Park

Paradise – A Heavenly Solution for Your Clients! 

 Your job is to help find the perfection location and “fit” for your clients’ greatest success.  Our job is to show you why it is Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.


Let’s Talk!   Our central location, favorable tax climate, low operating costs, work ready labor force and custom incentive packages reflect directly, and positively on your client’s bottom line.

A few reasons to consider Paradise Regional Business Park:

  • 620 acres of flat buildable sites available in a new industrial park with flexible site layouts
  • Adjacent to Western KY Parkway (exit 48), with quick access to I-69, the Natcher Parkway, I-24, and I-65.
  • 120,000 SF shovel ready site – Highly Visible Location
  • Located in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky within a half-day drive of major markets including Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Birmingham.
  • Designated Kentucky Work Ready Community – In Progress providing access to a growing labor market of 236,000 in 12 counties.
  • Progressive business and family friendly community with a “Can Do” attitude and approach to life.
  • Paradise Regional Business Park is designated as a Kentucky Opportunity Zone.  

Join us in Paradise!

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Rogers Property

The Rogers Property has two large sections of land ready for industrial development.  This property is located 2.8 miles from Exit 58 in Central City, Kentucky and runs adjacent to the Everly Brothers Boulevard bypass.


The blue shaded property in the first map below declares this property in an Opportunity Zone.  Opportunity Zone information is referenced at the bottom of this page to learn more about the business incentives of KYOZ.

The below mapping of 2500+ acres is also part of the Rogers Property Group, 2.8 miles from Exit 58 in Central City, Kentucky.  Runs adjacent to the Everly Brothers Boulevard bypass with supporting utilities and rail.



Other Commercial Property Available

Lynelle Eaves Realty is a premier real estate website servicing Muhlenberg County.  This site provides multiple commercial listings available throughout the county.  If you are looking for land or a particular space to start new or expand operations, I’m sure we have the right property for you.


To search properties, click here.


Kentucky Opportunity Zone

The Paradise Regional Business Park is designated as a Kentucky Opportunity Zone.

A Kentucky Opportunity Zone is a low income U.S. Census Tract that encourages individuals and corporations to invest in a variety of economic development projects through “opportunity funds.”

To learn more about Kentucky Opportunity Zones, click here: